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UK Fracking: Campaigners continue their legal fight against ministerial approval of fracking in Lancashire

Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road site, 26 April 2017. Photo: Frack Free Creatives Knitting Nanas of Lancashire

Drill or Drop?
05 May,  2017

Opponents of fracking are to continue their legal challenges to the decision by the Communities’ Secretary to approve Cuadrilla’s shale gas plans near Blackpool.

Last month, the anti-fracking campaigner, Gayzer Frackman, and Preston New Road Action Group lost their cases in the High Court when they tried to overturn the planning permission granted by Sajid Javid for the site at Little Plumpton.

But this afternoon, Mr Frackman announced he was applying to bring a case at the Court of Appeal and had filed papers against Mr Javid.

The residents’ organisation, Preston New Road Action Group, said it was also seeking permission to appeal and had lodged papers with the court.

Planning policy

Preston New Road Action Group had argued at the High Court that Mr Javid had misunderstood or misapplied local and national planning policy in approving the fracking plans.

A spokesperson said this afternoon:

“The Preston New Road group continues to seek justice for their community which vociferously said no to this fracking planning application.

“We seek a just and fair solution which recognises there is no social licence to frack Lancashire.

“To that end, we are considering all options which remain open to us at this point. Having taken advice from our legal team we are currently seeking permission through the courts for leave to appeal.

“We now await the court decision on whether it will allow the Preston New Road appeal to go forward.”……

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